A Better Hall’s First Ballot Update

I just wanted to update everyone about the ballot for the first class in our new Hall of Fame. I think I’m going to leave voting open until March 3, and then announce the first class on March 6.

As a reminder, the candidates and their PCS scores are:
Michael Jordan (1000.0)
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (934.9)
LeBron James (878.1)
Tim Duncan (786.1)
Bill Russell (770.0)
Kobe Bryant (747.6)
Magic Johnson (734.2)
Wilt Chamberlain (699.2)
Shaquille O’Neal (689.8)
Larry Bird (689.3)
Karl Malone (637.3)
Jerry West (536.2)

I’m thinking I’ll rip-off the All-Star balloting formula from this year with reader votes being worth 50%, my vote being 25%, and PCS standing being 25%. That seems fair to me, but depending on how much my vote skews things, I may just lump it in with the reader votes and count it 75/25.

If you’d like to vote you can comment here, or on the “First Ballot” post. (Or on any post, really. I’ll find it. You can send it to me via the “contact” button on here. You can tweet me @abetterhall. Or you can email me your ballot at buildingabetterhall@gmail.com.

When you vote, please rank all 12 players from 1-12, with 1 being the most deserving of getting in. This will help with tie-breakers since I imagine competition for those fourth and fifth slots will be rather fierce.

Thanks again, and have fun!


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